A really great blog

I recently came across a blog site titles “Fun in First Grade.” As soon as you entered the site it grabs your attention due to the fact that there are so many bright colors. The colors make you want to scroll through the page just to see what it’s about, at least that’s how I felt. Once I started to explore some more I found myself reading the actual blog post. Some of the names don’t quite grab your attention but once you start reading them you become interested and intrigued with what is being discussed. I was also interested in the way she interacted with her students and engaged them in different activities. She also posted pictures on her bog so that we could actually visualize what she was talking about. Unlike most sites that do one or two pictures per blog she always has at least four pictures just so we can get the full concept I guess. In the end I really enjoyed reading her blog post because she is the type of teacher I aspire to be like



Seeing into the future

Is it weird that I imagine how I want my future classroom to look? I mean I can’t physically draw you a picture due to my inartistic abilities but I can paint you a mental picture. I know when the student walk in I want my desk to be at the back of the classroom near the door, and I want their desk to be in front of me facing a bulletin board. Seeing how schools are so technologically advanced I would like to have two computers in a corner. I would like a reading nook in its own corner so that the children can have an area to go to during free time where they can sit and pick books out from a mini library. I would like my math and science centers/ areas to be near each other just because they are both apart of STEM. Now back at the front there will be a behavior chart and each student will determine what color they will end the day on. I’m sure those idea will change some because it always does, but this just a basic concept of how I want things to be.

D or Below

I’m at the end of the semester of my sophomore year and I am truly stressing out. I have classes that I waited last minute to do and now I honestly can’t say if I will pass them or not. Since I have been here I have yet to fail any class and I would really hate to do that now, but it doesn’t seem like it would go any other way. People have been telling me not to worry I can do a grade replacement, but really who wants to do that? Not me. I know this could have been avoided but I let everything else get in the way. I am currently trying to do all that I can to pass but I am also preparing myself to get ready to take 18 hours next semester just so that I can remain on track, and on the right path to graduate on time. Another thing is I really would hate to see my GPA fall but I guess this what I have to deal with when I wait until the last minute to do things.


Seeing how my class was the last group of students to take the TAKS test I was never really worried about the STAAR test, at least not until I noticed my relatives bringing home stud guides all throuhgout the year. It wasnt a bad thing that they were starting early, I just didnt feel like they were learning anythng tha wasnt related to the STAAR test.

I read this article were 50  superintendents in Texas that are furious with this test. They said that the test deserves a “F”. they also say it is very flawed and it’s also bringing down the districts rating. Superintendents from Houston, Lewisvile, Richardson, and in the Dallas- Fort Worth area.


This semester was a very much needed wake up call for me. I attempted to cruise by and now I’m finding myself doing work days before the semester is over trying to make sure I pass my classes, when in reality I should be studying for finals! I assured myself that I would be able to complete all my work on time and be able to relax. I assumed one thing and instead of asking for clarification I just went with what I thought. Procrastination has always been my downfall and this semester allowed me to see that I will no longer be able to do that unless I want to be in the same situation I am in now, and that’s definitely not what I want to do. Oh well next semester I know that staying on my work will have to be my main priority. Word to the wise don’t wait until the last minute to do your work because you’re putting your grade on the line and that’s never ok.

Easy is not always best


This year while picking my classes I asked fellow classmates and friends on their opinions about certain classes and teacher. Well there was one class in particular where everyone was telling me to take this one teacher because they had him for the previous class and he was “so easy” and they never had work.so me trying to take this semester easy, I decided to enroll in his class. The first two weeks everything was fine because that’s when everyone is getting adjusted so we hadn’t done much but the very first time we had a quiz I knew absolutely NOTHING! But you know I let it slide because the quizzes were extra credit, I would always tell myself “you’ll jumpy attention more next time” and next time would come around and I would know nothing still most of the time I just turned in blank sheet a paper just so I could get my attendance. To make my situation worse I was never interested in learning because my teacher had a monotone voice, and he taught with his back towards us so I was very uninterested. Moral of the story the “easy” teacher is not always best for you.

Dear future frustrations

I’ve really started to see why people think the college of education can be very frustrating. I haven’t had to experience any major problems from them but from the people around me I have witnessed a few things I hope I never have to go through. For instance one of my friend’s roommates finished all of her courses and was ready to start her CUINs, thinking she was getting close to graduation. So like anyone else who would assume that she started planning for graduation, but being a transfer student what she didn’t know was that before she finished her, well even started her CUINs she would first need to be admitted into the college of education. In a sense this was her fault but I feel being that she was a transfer someone should have let her known this information when she first got here.

Now I have another friend who has about 18 more hours until she can begin the graduation process. She pays for tuition out of pocket and to knock some of the cost she has done summer school every year. Well this year she was ready to register for her summer school courses and her advisor told her she may not be able to take one of the classes that was being offered because they might take it away. Now she has to go back and forth to her advisor almost every day until they figure it out.

I really hope I am never in these situations, especially when it’s so close to me graduating.